CCO 1830' 2022-2023

Installation. Carbon papers, crane hooks, steel wire. 345 x 195 x 5 cm.

Recording, expanding, and translating 1830 seconds of mouse movement for 183 days or half a year on carbon paper, in a 10:1 scale of my laptop screen

The first 10 seconds per day of a mouse's movement were recorded by software for half a year or 183 days. This is equivalent to a recording of 1830 seconds of movement.

The work "CCO 1830'" is composed of 126 carbon papers that form a canvas equivalent to a scale of 10:1 with respect to the screen of my laptop. This vast and delicate surface enables the amplification and translation of a hybrid analog-digital movement, specifically the movement of the mouse.

This piece seeks to explore the materiality of this digital movement by considering the relationship between the CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Hidden Carbon Copy) fields in Spanish or CC and BCC in English, which are commonly used in emails to introduce addressees. These categories inherit their name from carbon paper. 

The piece dialogues with "CC 1830'" (another work of the artist's own authorship), in which ink impregnated on bioplastic of the same scale as the carbon paper represents the sacrifice made by the carbon paper to expand and materialize an increasingly hybrid analog-digital movement.

Through this material and the digital categories it invokes, a tangible relationship between analog and digital is proposed. An apparently intangible movement unfolds in space.

This process also redefines the artist's relationship with her body, since due to the size of the paper and human dimensions, the slightest movement of a hand requires a conscious activation of the entire body. Drawing a line on these paper dimensions requires the participation of the entire body, not just the arm.

Once installed in the room, the paper is suspended by crane hooks. The simple movement of a person around the paper generates enough airflow to initiate its movement, gently but with enough force to create tension due to the perceived risk of tearing or falling.