miraron pero no pudieron decir nada / looked and looked but could not say anything 2023

Piece selected in Itaú Argentina Foundation Award. Participated in the exhibition of the Prize at Emilio Caraffa Museum of Fine Arts. Córdoba Argentina. Curated by María Menegazzo Cané. Video installation with screen, hocks and chains. Dimensions: variable.


Pieza seleccionada en Premio Fundación Itaú Argentina. Participó en la exposición del Premio en Museo de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa. Córdoba Argentina. Curaduría María Menegazzo Cané 

Two fragments of disintegrated anthropomorphic beings are presented evoking an action, two living or mobile fragments are intertwined, are pierced. As in archaeological excavations, among the ruins of the past are discovered fragments that provide valuable knowledge. After being studied, dismembered and analyzed to the last detail, as in the excavations of Pompeii, are these bodies that, on the limits of the monstrous, do not disguise the digitality that constitutes them and resist staticity from the subtlety of their movements. An imaginary of a future ruin seeks hybrid contacts between analog and digital matter. Strange encounters of strange things, from the future to the past, from the past to the present and the present which, as the past of the future, breathes artificiality.