With a numb tongue 2023

Piece selected in the call for artistic projects "I saw our Leaders. Reinterpreting Hungarian Poems Via Contemporary Art Practices". European Alliance of Academies. 

With a numb tongue is a piece of 3D animation video art that reconstructs the imaginary created in the poem Cement factory, autumn by Mónika Ferencz.

With 3D modeling and animation, a digital space covered in water has been created, where the horizon is grayish out of focus. As if it were a dream landscape, in the middle of the water a set of elements are located in different situations that are stated in the poem. The piece seeks to generate dissimilar sensations in the behavior of these objects, a space of estrangement that aspires to generate a haptic sensation of the materials from digitality that in their movements, in their actions, sometimes contradict with the physical possibilities that they would have in the physical/material world (not digital).